take*care*of - to look after, take*place - to happen, take*pity*on - to feel (very) sorry for, take*against - to begin to dislike someone, take*no*notice*of - to ignore, take*to - to begin or fall into the habit of doing something, take*off - to remove anything that is worn on the body / to leave the ground, take*out - to remove something from somewhere, take*into*account - to consider, take*your*time - do something slowly, not in a hurry, take*advantage*of - to make use of; to benefit oneself by treating others unfairly, take*part*in - to participate, take*risks - to do something although you know that something unpleasant or dangerous could happen, take*up - to begin to study, practice, or do (a hobby / a sport / a job / etc.)., take*after - to look or be like an older relative,

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