1) Where's the lamp? a) It's in the table b) It's on the table c) It's next to the table 2) Where are the chairs? a) They're in the kitchen b) They're in the bedroom c) They're in the living room 3) Where's the chair? a) It's next to the table. b) They're next to the table. c) It's between the table. d) It's in front of the table. 4) Where's the couch? a) It's in front of the table. b) It's between the table.. c) It's behind the table. d) They're behind the table. 5) Where's the TV? a) It's next to the bed. b) It's between the bed and the lamp. c) They're next to the bed. d) It's in front of the bed. 6) I have a backpack. a) The backpack is yours. b) The backpack is ours. c) The backpack is theirs. d) The backpack is mine. 7) She has a pencil case. a) The pencil case is his. b) The pencil case is hers. c) The pencil case is theirs. d) The pencil case is ours. 8) We have a car. a) The car is mine. b) The car is his. c) The car is ours. d) The car is theirs. 9) He has green pens. a) The green pens are hers. b) The green pens are mine. c) The green pens are theirs. d) The green pens are his. 10) You have a cell phone. a) The cell phone is yours. b) The cell phone is his. c) The cell phone is mine. d) The cell phone is hers. 11) Where's the couch? a) It's between the lamps. b) It's next to the lamps. c) It's behind the lamps. d) It's in front of the lamps.




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