Where is - A: __________ the pet shop? B: The pet shop is across from the toy store., How can I get to - A: ____________ the movie theater? B: Go straight ahead and turn left., Do you have - A: __________ a collection? B: Yes, I have a comic books collection., channel - A: What _______ is it on? B: It's on Cartoon Network., is it on - A: What time ________? B: It's on at 05:00p.m., kind - A: What's your favorite _______ of TV programs? B: I like talents shows., cartoon - A: What's your favorite ________? B: It's the Titans., sports program - A: What's your favorite ________? It's Globo Sports., have - A: I _________ English on Mondays and Tuesdays., from - A: I have American History _______ 08:00 to 08:45., to - A: I have Science from 08:45 _____ 09:30.,

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