1) Talk about a journey you took. 2) Talk about the last time you met your friend. 3) Talk about your best holiday. 4) Talk about your best English lesson. 5) Talk about an easy subject at school. 6) Talk about what you last saw at the cinema. 7) Talk about your first bike or car. 8) Talk about your first day at school. 9) Talk about the last time you cried or laughed a lot. 10) Talk about the last time your worked or studied hard. 11) Talk about your favourite toy when you were a child. 12) Talk about how you met your best friend. 13) Talk about a difficult subject at school. 14) Talk about the last party you went to. 15) Talk about what you cooked/ate yesterday.

Speakout pre-intermediate, unit 1.2, past simple, talk about it.

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