1) She's __________ my sister. a) also b) too 2) You're __________ your homework. a) done b) do c) doing 3) They're __________ in the morning. a) having lunch b) having dinner c) having breakfast 4) The phone is __________ all the time. a) ringing b) doing c) going 5) We aren't __________ on the phone. a) taking b) talking c) treking 6) I'm not __________, we need to talk! a) sending b) listening c) calling 7) He isn't __________ an essay. a) calling b) watching c) writing 8) __________ you sending me the pics? a) Aren't b) Isn't c) Am 9) __________ she texting her mom? a) Isn't b) Am not c) Aren't 10) __________ they downloading apps? a) Isn't b) Aren't c) Am not 11) This app is __________. a) for fee b) free not c) for free 12) The smartphone isn't __________. a) work b) works c) working 13) I have many __________. a) apps on my phone b) apps in my phone c) apps from my phone 14) My workmates have smartphones __________. a) also b) too 15) My mom __________ needs a messenger. a) also b) too 16) She __________ wants a smartphone. a) also b) too 17) All my friends have messengers __________. a) also b) too 18) __________, I like to chat with my friends. a) Okay b) You know c) So 19) She texts her __________ in the morning. a) family b) dog c) breakfast 20) He's __________ some pictures. a) down b) download c) downloading 21) I'm __________ a movie. a) watching b) watch c) watches 22) __________, tell me about your classmates! a) So b) You know c) Like 23) I need to call my mom __________. a) also b) too 24) Don't __________ the phone, let's talk! a) hang on b) hang in c) hang up

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