1) This is the _______________. a) TIM b) BIM c) BIN 2) _______________ is the board. a) THAT b) SHE c) HE 3) That is the _______________. a) TOASTER b) POSTER c) COASTER 4) That _______________ the bin. a) IS b) MY c) ARE 5) This is my _______________. a) ROOM b) BEDROOM c) CLASSROOM 6) _______________ is the tablet. a) IS b) THIS c) THE 7) This _______________ my desk. a) THAT b) THE c) IS 8) That _______________ Linda. a) MY b) IS c) ARE 9) _______________ is the chair. a) THAT b) IS c) THE 10) That is _______________ bin. a) THE b) IS c) THIS 11) _______________ is my classroom. a) IS b) THAT c) SHE 12) That is _______________ chalk. a) MY b) THE c) IS 13) This is the _______________. a) TEACHER'S DESK b) TABLET c) MAP 14) She is _______________ teacher. a) I b) MY c) IS 15) They are my _______________. a) MAP b) BOARD c) FRIENDS 16) This is my _______________. a) PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE b) SCHOOL c) CAFETERIA 17) _______________ to meet you. a) MICE b) RICE c) NICE 18) _______________ to meet you too. a) NICE b) RICE c) MICE 19) My _______________ is beautiful. a) TEACHER b) FISCHER c) PREACHER 20) He is _______________ teacher. a) ARE b) I c) MY 21) _______________ is my book. a) IS b) MY c) THIS 22) This is the _______________. a) CAFETERIA b) LAB c) PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE 23) That is the _______________. a) PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE b) LAB c) CAFETERIA 24) It is the _______________. a) MAP b) DESK c) CHAIR

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