1) This is my _______________. a) BACKPACK b) RULER 2) This is my _______________. a) PENCIL CASE b) NOTEBOOK 3) _______________ is my backpack. a) THIS b) THE 4) _______________ is my pencil. a) IS b) THIS 5) This is _______________ sharpener. a) THE b) THAT 6) That is _______________ pen. a) IS b) MY 7) That is my _______________. a) ERASER b) GLUE 8) I use _______________ to color my drawings. a) PENCIL CASE b) COLORED PENCILS 9) That is my _______________. a) CRAYON b) RULER 10) I use _______________ to paste. a) GLUE b) NOTEBOOK 11) I cut things with my _______________. a) PENCIL b) SCISSORS 12) This is _______________ pencil. a) MY b) THAT 13) That _______________ my chair. a) THE b) IS 14) _______________ is the board. a) THAT b) IS 15) My teacher writes on the _______________. a) BOARD b) DESK 16) That is _______________ teacher's desk. a) THIS b) THE 17) That is my pencil _______________. a) CASE b) BOOK 18) I organize my pencils on my _______________. a) PENCIL CASE b) SHARPENER 19) We write on the _______________. a) RULER b) NOTEBOOK 20) I organize my things in the_______________. a) BACKPACK b) PEN 21) My mom bought me many _______________. a) CAFETERIA b) SCHOOL MATERIALS 22) We have classes in the _______________. a) CLASSROOM b) DESK 23) We make experiments in the _______________. a) LAB b) GYM 24) I use _______________ colored pencils. a) THIS b) MY

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