He is ____ lemonade. I am ____ iced tea in the supermarket. You are ____ a milkshake. They ____ drinking sparkling water. I'm ____ buying tonic water. She ____ buying beverages now. We aren't ____ veggies. They aren't ____ to the supermarket now. ____ you going to school now? Is he ____ coconut water? Are they ____ fruit at the supermarket? Are we ____ vegetables? I am ____ energy drink. Dad ____ drinking tonic water. We ____ to drink cold beverages. Mom is drinking ____ beverages. What's your favorite ____? She ____ drinking soda. We aren't ____ fruits. You like to ____ lemonade. John likes to ____ iced tea. Dad prefers to ____ coconut water. They ____ drinking cold beverage. Mom ____ buying meat today.

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