1) A holiday on the beach is________________ than a holiday in the mountains. a) gooder b) the worst c) the best d) better 2) A can of cola is __________________ than a cup of tea. a) expensiver b) the more expensive c) more expensive d) a lot expensiver 3) Japanese is __________________ language I've ever learnt. a) difficulter b) more difficult c) the most difficult d) the difficultest 4) Moscow is ________________ (advanced) city in Russia. a) the most advanced b) more advanced c) the least advanced d) the advancest 5) Dolphins might be the __________________ animals on Earth. a) smarter b) the smartest c) smartest d) most smart 6) Nurlan Saburov has ___________________ laughter I've ever seen. a) more funny b) funnier c) funniest d) the funniest 7) Star Trek is the ___________________ movie I've ever watched. a) baddest b) worst c) the most bad d) the worst 8) My city is ______________ yours. a) nicer than b) more nice c) the nicest d) the most nice 9) The Volga River is __________________ The Don. a) the longest b) more long c) longer than d) the most long 10) A park is __________________ a shopping mall. a) the most quiet b) quietest c) the quietest d) quieter than 11) Peter is _________________ at football than Andrew. a) the best b) the goodest c) gooder d) better 12) London is _________________ city in England. a) the popularest b) popularer c) the worst popular d) the most popular 13) The red dress looks ______________ the blue one. a) the cheapest b) cheaper than c) the most cheap d) more cheap 14) Neptune is ________________ planet from the Sun. a) fatherst b) the farthest c) farthest d) farther 15) Sloth is thought to be the ___________ animal in the world. a) slow b) slower than c) more slow than d) slowest 16) My English teacher is ______________________ teacher at Santanna. a) beautiful b) more beautiful c) more beautiful than d) the most beautiful

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