What's the _______________ like today?, _______________ the weather like today?, What's the weather _______________ today?, It's very hot and _______________., It's _______________ windy and cold., It's quite _______________ and rainy., _______________ so hot., It's extremely _______________., This place is _______________ beautiful., This _______________ is so interesting., The weather is _______________ today., The _______________ is quite cold today., The weather is pretty _______________ today., The weather is _______________ in Sahara., The weather is _______________ in the North Pole., Why don't you _______________ for the weekend?, _______________ don't you come for the weekend?, Why _______________ you stay for the day?, Why don't you come for the _______________?, We'd like to _______________ to the beach., We _______________ go to the park., We would go to the _______________., _______________ would play some games., We would _______________..

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