What is your name? - My name is Robert., What is your full name? - My full name is Ana Maria Carrasco Duran., What do you do? - I am a police officer., What is your cell fone number? - My cell phone number is 809 555 331 2098, What time is it? - It is twelve to six, What is your favorite number? - My favorite number is nine, Where do you live? - I live in Puerto Plata, next to the beatch., Where are you from? - I am from Dominican Republic., What is your nationality? - I am Dominican., When is your birth day? - It´s on june 12th., When were you born? - I was born in september 15th, 2002, How old are you? . - I am twnty three years old, What is your favorite singer? - My favorite singer is Adell, What is your favorite food to eat? - It is Dominican flag; rice, beans and chicken., What is your favorite music? - My favorite music is merengue.,

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