Say these numbers: 5, 14, 40, 63, 99, Say the nationalities: Brazil, Spain, The USA, Make this sentence negative (-): I'm from the UK., Make this sentence negative (-): He's Russian., Say the missing word: _______'s your name?, Say the missing word: _______ old are they?, What do you do?, Make a sentence with these words: an / It's / car / old, Say the alphabet., What do you have for breakfast?, Say five words for food., Say the countries: Chinese, Portuguese, English., Say the negative (-) short answer: Is she Chilean?, Say and spell the plural: person / woman, Say and spell the plural: watch / city, Say the phone number: 76993078, Say the email address:, Say the missing words and answer the question: _______ do you spell your last name?, Say the negative (-) short answer: Are they from Valparaiso?, Say five family words., Say five jobs., Say the positive (+) short answer: Does she play basketball?, Say the negative (-) short answer: Does he study every day?, Say these numbers: 11, 27, 54, 76, 100.

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