1) She is going to study in France next month. a) Quick decision b) Plan c) Prediction 2) I'm sure Jim will pass all his exams. a) prediction b) plan c) conditional 3) Are you ready to order? Yes, I'll have the chicken, please. a) promise b) plan c) spontaneous decision 4) I'll bring it tomorrow, I promise. a) plan b) promise c) prediction 5) It's very dark, I think it's going to rain. a) prediction based on present evidence b) plan c) intention 6) I'll be back! a) promise b) plan c) intention 7) She will probably arrive at 6 p.m. a) prediction b) quick decision c) conditional 8) If I you come to my house we will watch a movie. a) conditional (possible result in the future) b) plan c) quick decision 9) I'm having a party on Saturday. a) prediction b) fixed arrangement c) promise 10) Mike is going to get his hair cut. a) plan (he doesn't know when exactly) b) prediction c) promise 11) Mike is getting his hair cut. a) prediciton b) fixed arrangement (he has an appointment at the hairdresser's) c) intention 12) I´m sure you'll enjoy the party. a) plan b) prediction c) fixed arrangement

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