1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and ____ is situated in the ____ Isles. It is the ____ name of this state.2. The United Kingdom ____ Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 3. Great Britain consists of ____, Scotland, and ____. 4. The capital of the UK and England is ____, the capital of ____ is Edinburgh, the capital of Wales is ____. 5. Great Britain is an island ____. The two main ____ are Great Britain and Ireland.6. The UK is ____ the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Irish Sea, and the English Channel. 7. The nearest point to Europe is ____. 8. Everyone ____ in the UK is British. But people from England are ____, the Scots live in ____, people from Wales are ____, and people from Northern Ireland are ____.9. More than ____ live in Britain. Many of them live in big ____cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh. 10. Everyone in Britain speaks ____ but in some parts of Scotland people also speak ____, people in Wales also speak ____ and people in Northern Ireland speak ____.11. The flag of the United Kingdom is known as ____. It consists of 3 ____: the cross of St George (the patron saint of ____), the cross of St Andrew (the patron cross of ____) and the cross of St Patrick (the patron saint of ____).




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