I story that develop in the course of several editions. - STORY ARC, Special edition with hard covers and normaly hard quality paper. - HARD COVER EDITION, This is the "assistent" of the main hero in a comic book. He or she is normally younger and has the main hero as a sort of mentor. - SIDEKICK, A rare or a special edition of a comic book that is highly sought after and hard to find. Also applies for derivate products like action figures and memorabilia. - COLLECTIBLE, In comics, this is the official storyline that is known and accepted by the community of artistis and fans. - CANON, This is a character who is an antithesis of the classical hero. They get in trouble, they get sick, and they often don't get happy endings. - ANTI-HERO, This is a more serious comic book. It's normally bigger and has better graphic treatment.  - GRAPHIC NOVEL, Manga is simply the japanese word for comic. The term is used to describe all Japanese and other Asian comics in general. Manga is normally black and white, and you read it backwords, as the Japanese do. - MANGA, This is when story elements of two or more comic books come together to create one storyline across multiple titles. - CROSSOVER, This is a mega crossover story. - EVENT, Comics that are made for viewing on the Internet. This could be a comic strip format or as an on-going narrative. - WEBCOMIC,

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