1) Rebecca has been in our organisation for five years a) and she did a great job b) and she is doing a great job 2) His hard work really paid off, a) he was promoted to Chief Adviser a year later. b) he has been promoted to Chief Adviser. 3) There have been serious problems with the merger, a) but we proceeded with it anyway. b) but we have proceeded with it anyway. 4) The motor trade has been in the doldrums a) last year. b) all year. 5) She's been promoted because a) she's brought off that deal. b) while she was working as head of R&D. 6) How long have you worked as Financial Adviser a) for your current employer? b) before you became Financial Director? 7) They say they left a message but there's nothing on my ansering machine; a) I checked several times. b) I've checked several times. 8) We had been ahead of our rivals until 2013, a) when they outstripped us for the first time. b) when they have outstripped us for the first time. 9) She's given me several details about the merger, a) so I felt well prepared for the upcoming meeting. b) so I feel well prepared for the upcoming meeting.




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