1) Take selfies all the time and post them online 2) Talk loudly on their phones on public transport 3) Put their phones on the table in front of them in a restaurant, in a café, or in your house 4) Play noisy games on their phones 5) Send or receive messages in the cinema 6) Text while they're doing other things, e.g., talking to someone else, or walking in the street 7) Tweet about everything, from what they had for breakfast to what time they went to bed 8) Keep posting photos of their babies and small children 9) Listen to music with headphones, but with the volume so loud that other people can hear it 10) Take photos of everything they eat 11) Video or photograph every single event they go to and every minute of their holiday 12) Post a message to you on your birthday, but never get in touch during the rest of the year 13) Swipe through all you other photos when you are showing them just one

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