Lali Esposito's birthday is ____ October 12th ____ is your name? What do you ____ doing? I like ____ video games What do you want to be ____ you grow up? I ____ to be a chef because I like ____ ____ do you go for your English lessons? I ____ to PET institute. I ____ dancing. When I grow up I want to be a ____ My father ____ TV at 6 PM every day I get up at ____ (6.45) AM I am a great football player. I ____ practice. That’s Manu Ginobilly. ____ birthday is on March 26th. My teacher isn´t lazy. She is ____ My sister loves music. She really likes ____ My mother ____ cooking! She likes eating A: ____ are you from? B: I´m from ____. A: Do you ____ football at the weekend?B: Yes, I ____

3rd grade Integrative Activity

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