1) We never really knew much about our neighbours. They kept _______________________. a) something to themselves b) themselves to themselves c) himself to himself 2) Michael _______________ last week that he is looking for a new job. a) let it slip b) let it sleep c) let it slide 3) The bosses are meeting _________________ so something must be wrong. a) behind locked doors b) behind sliding doors c) behind closed doors 4) Ruben has a secret, but he won’t ___________________! a) spill the peas b) spill the beans c) drop the beans 5) Don’t forget it’s a surprise party, so please don’t _____________________________. a) let the cat out of the back b) let the cat out of the bag c) let the cat out of the pack 6) I tried to surprise Dafeenah with a weekend away, but her sister __________________________. a) gave the game away b) gave the match away c) gave the plan away 7) It’s best if you don’t mention Sally’s problem. Try __________________. a) to be schtum b) to become schtum c) to stay schtum

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