1) The girl _____________ in the pool.  a) swim b) swims c) runs 2) The children ________ the paper. a) cut b) come c) go 3) We ________ a whale. a) swim b) see 4) The students ______________ in their notebooks yesterday. a) wrote b) write c) writes 5) The flowers _____________ in the garden. a) fly b) grow 6) The students _____________ English class everyday. a) had b) have c) has 7) The girl _______________ her backpack in the house yesterday. a) forgot b) forget 8) My friends ______________ soccer classes soon. a) begin b) buy 9) My brother __________ the homework last night. a) drink b) did 10) The woman __________ some clothes in Plaza Mayor. a) bought b) gave 11) The family __________ to the cinema last weekend. a) found b) went 12) The pirates ___________ a treasure in the island. a) caught b) found 13) The students ____________ a lot of vocabulary words. a) know b) have 14) The grandparents __________ on the bench in the park. a) fall b) sit 15) The airplane ___________ in the sky. a) drives b) flies 16) The girl will ____________ a ballerina. a) make b) become 17) My mother _____________ a cake last weekend. a) made b) grew 18) My sister ___________ a letter to her friend. a) tells b) writes 

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