1) Yesterday, I cooked ... lasgna. It was delicious! a) beetroot b) furry c) hide and seek 2) Peter and Molly are celebrating their 20th anniversary! They ... back in 2000. a) without intention b) fell in love c) jellyfish 3) Mike's cat is so ... and soft! a) tent b) beaver c) furry 4) ... why Kat learnt to drive, is so that she could be more independent! a) the main reason b) back in the day c) without intention 5) I'm afarid I tossed your sandwich. I didn't know it was your lunch. I did it ... a) PhD b) do the grocery c) without intention 6) ... my grandmother used to listen to vinilos, not Spotify. a) do the grocery b) back in the day c) everyday life 7) My great granparents immigrated ... Spain ... Argentina a) to / in b) up / into c) from / to 8) Could you ... you had with your computer? a) sort out the problem b) without intention c) the main reason 9) I hate going camping. I hate sleeping in ... a) tents b) beavers c) beetroots 10) This is a ... a) beaver b) jellyfish c) PhD 11) Many ONGs are concerned about the ... a) ozono hole b) jellyfish c) tent 12) I'm sorry, I can't stay for coffee. I have to ... a) do the grocery b) sort out the problem c) without intention 13) Nowadays, it's common for people to use the Internet in their ... a) PhD b) everyday life c) the main reason 14) My son travelled to Europe last year to complete his ... a) beetroot b) jellyfish c) PhD 15) The ... in Paris is lovely! You're taken to the Eiffel tour and the Mouline Rouge as well! a) without intention b) main reason c) city tour bus

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