1) They _______ (leave) for Russia last night. a) left b) have left c) has left 2) We _________ (already / book) the tickets. a) already booked b) have already book c) already have booked 3) ______________ (you / ever / been) abroad? a) Has you ever been b) Did you ever been c) Have you ever been 4) He's tired. He ________ (just / finish) work. a) have just finished b) has just finished c) has just finish 5) Maria ______ (travel) abroad last year. a) travelled b) have travelled c) has travelled 6) Boris ______ (not / arrive) yet. a) didn't arrive b) haven't arrived c) hasn't arrived 7) We ______ (move) to Rome last year. a) moved b) has moved c) have moved 8) Nestor ________ (go) bungee jumping last summer. a) has gone b) went c) gone 9) 9. Vera ________ (cycle) across country many times. a) cycled b) has cycled c) have cycled 10) Peter ________ (ride) a camel last year. a) has ridden b) has rode c) rode 11) I've _______ seen that film. a) already b) yet c) ever 12) How long has Jane worked there _______? a) ever b) since c) for 13) Leonid has _______ come back from Moscow. a) yet b) just c) ever 14) Dina has ________ been abroad. a) never b) ever c) yet 15) I haven't been on holiday ______ two years. a) never b) for c) yet 16) Have you _________ visited China? a) yet b) already c) ever 17) This is the best meal I've ________ eaten. a) never b) ever c) since 18) Has Vera woken up _______? a) already b) ever c) yet 19) How long has it been ________ you last went to the cinema? a) since b) ever c) yet 20) It's been 6 months ________ I saw Galina. a) just b) since c) for

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