1) What does "mope" mean? a) To be hungry and not acting in a positive way b) To be angry and treat others badly c) To be unhappy and not to act in a possitive way d) To be sad and treat others badly 2) Who said "Only a dope will mope"? (Why?) a) Grandpa b) Dad c) Jenny d) Mom 3) Who would just sit in the living room and do nothing? (Why? Give your opinion) a) Grandpa b) Jenny c) Dad d) Peter 4) Who said "We will have more fun than a barrel of monkeys"? a) Grandpa b) Jenny c) Dad d) Peter 5) Who said "Grandpa is a little tired Peter, that´s all"? a) Grandpa b) Jenny c) Dad d) Peter 6) Who were Peter´s best friends? a) Billy and John b) Mathew and Steve c) Thomas and Billy d) Billy and Steve 7) What is used to play "Risk"? a) A ball b) A dice c) Cards d) A chair 8) Who said "If I can´t talk about it, what can I do?" (What was she/he talking about?) a) Peter b) Jenny c) Billy d) Steve 9) What was Steve´s suggestion? a) To talk to grandpa b) To forget it c) To make a plan d) To put up a fight 10) How did Steve recommend Peter to fight? a) To do it in secret b) To use rocks c) To use a mask d) To hide in his room

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