1) Beijing is ________ (CROWDED) than Santiago. a) more popular b) more populated c) more crowded 2) Santiago is __________ (BIG) than Talca. a) bigger b) biger c) more big 3) Living in the city is ____________ (DANGEROUS) than living in the countryside. a) dangerouser b) more dangerous c) dangerous 4) English is _____________ (EASY) than Chinese. a) easier b) easy c) more easy 5) In Chile January is ________ (HOT) than April. a) hotter b) hot c) more hot 6) The Great Wall of China is __________ (OLD) than the Statue of Liberty. a) old b) more old c) older 7) Museums are _______________ (GOOD) than zoos. a) gooder b) more good  c) better  8) Transportation in London is ______________ (EXPENSIVE) than in Santiago a) expensiver b) more expensive c) expensive 9) The Eiffel Tower is ____________(FAMOUS) than Torre Entel a) famous  b) famouser  c) more famous 10) Chile is ___________(LONG) than Perú a) more long b) longger c) longer 11) Alaska is __________(COLD) than Arica a) more cold b) colder c) coldder 12) Tokyo is __________(MODERN) than Santiago a) more modern b) moderner c) modern

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