1) Vitoria is _____________ in Brazil a) The best b) better 2) Iphone is ___________ phone in the market a) the most expansive b) more expansive 3) Brazil is ____________ country in South American a) the largest b) larger than 4) Usain Bolt is __________ man in the world a) the fastest b) faster than 5) Lion is __________ animal in Africa a) the most dangerous b) more dangerous 6) Sushi is __________ pasta a) better than b) the best 7) Vitoria is _________ vila velha a) smaller than b) the smallest 8) A car is _____________ a bike a) faster than b) The fastest 9) A dog is ___________ a cat a) more intelligent than b) the most intelligent 10) A house is ______________ an apartament a) is more comfortable than b) is the most comfortable

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