1) What's GDP? a) Gross Domestic Production b) Gross Domestic Product c) Gross Domestic Productor 2) What's IMF? a) International Money Fond b) International Money Fund c) International Monetary Fund 3) An amount of money that is borrowed (from a bank), and has to be paid back with an extra amount of money (interest): a) A money lend b) A loan c) A hedge 4) "It is a debt security issued by a national government." a) Sovereign bond b) Share c) Debenture 5) "It affected the mortgage industry due to borrowers being approved for loans that they couldn’t afford." a) Financial crisis b) Sub-secondary crisis c) Sub-prime crisis 6) "A person or institution that receives a monetary loan from a lender" a) A lender b) A hedger c) A borrower 7) "Insider information is knowledge about a publicly traded company that could be used to an investor's advantage." a) True b) False 8) Owners of bonds are seen as co-onwners of the company. a) True b) False 9) "Any group of people living together and constituting an economic unit." a) Private household b) Stocks c) Borrowers 10) "The income generated from sale of goods or services before any costs or expenses are deducted." a) Revenue b) Core capital c) Money 11) "The minimum amount of capital that a commercial bank must have." a) Bonds b) Shares c) Core capital 12) "It is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset." a) A loan b) A hedge c) A share 13) Arbitragers benefit from price inefficiencies in the market obtaining risk-free profits. a) True b) False 14) "The institution that oversees the financial market in Chile" a) SVC b) SVS c) SSV 15) A hedger balances losses to eliminate volatility. a) True b) False 16) "The company's financial debt or obligations" a) Loans b) Liabilities c) Hedge 17) It is a loan that a bank gives you to help finance the purchase of a house. a) A mortgage b) A loan c) A borrow

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