1) You can get medicine and other things in this place. a) a Chinese restaurant b) a pharmacy c) a post office d) a bank 2) There are a group of houses in a rural area. a) a city b) a beach c) a village d) a museum 3) When you need to send a letter or a package to another person, you go to this place. a) a post office b) a supermarket c) a museum d) a restaurant 4) You go to this place when you are sick. Doctors and nurses work here. a) a pharmacy b) a town c) a gas station d) a hospital 5) Pomaire, Maria Pinto, Pelarco are __________ because they're small and there aren't a lot of people living there. a) cities b) beaches c) towns d) museums 6) If you want to travel to Europe, you go to______ a) the train station b) the airport c) the movie theater d) a store

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