1) What is fast food? a) Food that is prepared and served in a restaurant. b) Food that is prepared and served quickly. c) Food that isn't good for our health (junk food). d) Food that you buy in a shopping mall. e) Small portions of food that you eat quickly. 2) Check the statements that are TRUE about fast food! a) The most common food at fast food restaurants is hamburgers and French fries. b) If you order a "take-away" it means that you eat in the restaurant. c) Fast food contains a lot of cheap and unhealthy ingredients. d) Bad fats increase our cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. e) There's no sugar in fast food items. f) It's healthy to eat junk food once a week. 3) Where in the world can we find delicious and crispy tarantulas? a) Cuba b) China c) Vietnam d) Cambodia e) India f) Egypt 4) What about some fried grasshoppers rich in vitamins and calcium? Where can we find this intriguing dish? a) Mexico b) Portugal c) Japan d) Madagascar e) Thailand f) South Africa 5) British cousine is multicultural. What does that mean? a) It means that they only eat homemade food. b) It means that in Britain they like food. c) It means that you can find food influenced by different parts of the world. 6) Fish and chips is a traditional dish from Britain. Check the pictures that shows more traditional food from the UK. a) English breakfast b) Kebab c) Cornish Pasty d) Shepherd's pie e) Chicken curry f) Toad in the hole 7) What is the most popular street food in São Paulo? a) Hot dog b) Barbecue c) Açaí d) Pastel e) Coxinha f) Brigadeiro 8) Check the statements that are true about street food in São paulo. a) Pastel comes from Chinese and Japanese culture. b) Bologna sandwich was invented in Brazil. c) Tapioca is very healthy. It contains calcium and vitamin B. d) The São Paulo version of the bologna sandwich is bigger than the United Stated version. e) You can only eat tapioca with sweet fillings. f) Tapioca is made with manioc flour and it's traditional from the northeast. 9) French people love eating bread! What is their most popular sandwich? a) Crepe b) French fries c) Croque Monsieur d) French toast 10) Check the statements that are false about Indian eating habits. a) They eat a lot of meat because they're hindus. b) Indians drink a lot of tea. c) The country is big, so there are different kinds of spices, herbs and vegetables d) Indian cousine wasn't influenced by different cultures and people 11) China and Korea influenced Japanese cousine a lot. a) TRUE b) FALSE 12) We know that sushi is a traditional dish from Japan. What other Japanese dish can you see below? a) korrokke b) yakisoba c) bulgogi d) ram-don e) rámen f) taiyaki 13) What is Portland (USA) famous for? a) It's famous for its coffee. b) It's famous for its music c) It's famous for its food carts.  d) It's famous for its pizza. e) It's famous for its hot dogs. 14) Check the statements that are true about food carts in Portland. a) They're a great option if you're in a hurry. b) Food carts offer quick and expensive meals  c) Food cart have small menus. d) They always offer tables or chairs for you to seat and eat your meals. e) You usually order a take-away dish. 15) Check the sentences that are true about eating habits in the world! a) For Americans, lunch is more important than breakfast or dinner. b) French people eat at restaurants more often than people in other countries. c) In Greece it's disrespectful if you eat a lot. d) Greek people like having their families around for meals. e) In Brazil, the most important meal is breakfast. f) Brazilian people like to get together and eat barbecue or feijoada at weekends. 16) Check the sentences that are false about food at home. a) Homemade food is more expensive than delivery food. b) If you don't like to cook, you can buy frozen food. c) You can only order junk food in delivery apps. d) It's cheaper and healthier to prepare your own meals. e) Frozen food isn't bad for our health. f) Some people don't have time or don't like to prepare meals.

T1 Reader: Fast Food Around the World



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