sympathetic - My friend always has time for me when I've got a problem. She seems to understand and wants to help., cautious - Cheung always takes a long time to make up his mind and he's very careful to avoid problems and danger. , naive - Joe thought his first job would be easy and people would be nice. He soon learnt differently!, genuine - I really like your fiance - he seems very honest and sincere., outgoing - Lucia is a great tourist guide because she's so friendly and likes being around people.  , mean - My last teacher wasn't very kind. She often laughed at students when they made mistakes., flexible - Noriko is a great addition to the team. She adapts quickly to new situations and doesn't mind change., eccentric - Karl acts a bit strange sometimes and wears the oddest clothes, but he is a good guy., trustworthy - You can tell Marta a secret and you know she'll never tell anyone else., moody - Sam's a typical teenager. He always seems to be unhappy or else he suddenly gets angry for no reason.,




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