1) My friends and I ___ at the cinema last Saturday.  a) are b) wasn't c) weren't 2) I ___ at the sports club yesterday afternoon.  a) was b) am c) weren't 3) Me and my family ___ at a campsite two months ago.   a) was b) are c) were 4) Some friends ___ in a ski resort last winter.  a) was b) were c) are 5) Where ___ you this morning? a) were b) are c) was 6) ___ your mum at work yesterday morning? a) Is b) Was c) Were 7) We ___ on the beach some days ago. a) are b) were c) aren't 8) I ___ at school yesterday morning. a) am not b) was c) wasn't 9) My friends ___ in a concert last Friday evening. a) aren't b) wasn't c) were

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