1) These rules are very important. Read them __________ . a) careful b) carefully 2) You can use my camera, but be very __________ with it. a) careful b) carefully 3) John: Can you help me with this exercise? Daniel: Of course, I can. It's very ________. a) easy b) easily 4) Please be ________. I'm doing my homework. a) quiet b) quietly 5) Bye, dad! Drive _________. a) safe b) safely 6) He plays the guitar ________. a) good b) well 7) I sing __________ . a) beautiful b) beautifully 8) We lost the football match, we played ________ . a) bad b) badly 9) Don't talk ________ ! I'm reading a book. a) loud b) loudly 10) I can play the piano but very _______. a) slowly b) slow 11) I'm very _________ , tomorrow is my birthday. a) happy b) happily 12) My sister laughs ________. You can't hear her. a) quiet b) quietly 13) Don't run ______! I can't catch you. a) fast b) fastly

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