Convergent - How many ways can you make 19 cents?, Convergent - What are different theories scientists have about the sun?, Convergent - What are some ways we can encourage people not to litter?, Convergent - What options do I have for turning in homework?, Convergent - What made Sam Houston a great leader?, Convergent - What are some examples of camouflage?, Convergent - How many designs can you create that are 2/3 one color and 1/3 another color?, Evaluative - When and why should we estimate?, Evaluative - Do we really need to learn multiplication?, Evaluative - Are fractions useful?, Evaluative - Is the penny useful?, Evaluative - What household appliances or objects will be useless 20 years from now? Why?, Evaluative - Which form of renewable energy should the US seriously consider?, Evaluative - What food should be taken out/added to the cafeteria menu? Why?, Evaluative - Which jobs will probably not exist in the next 20 years?, Evaluative - Which problem was the most difficult for you to solve?, Evaluative - Should milk be free to families with children? Why or why not?, Evaluative - Who was a better inventor - Henry Ford or Thomas Edison?, Evaluative - How are _______ and _______ alike?, Evaluative - Would you rather have a time machine or a magic wand?, Evaluative - Should all children be required to read each night?, Evaluative - Which one is better, a letter or a phone call?, Evaluative - Should you be exact when you measure?, Divergent - The US is thinking about doing away with the penny. How will that change the way our economy works? What changes will it make in your shopping?, Divergent - What kind of professions use math the most?, Divergent - How does what we measure determine how we measure?, Divergent - What if the price of fuel/electricity/food/etc. immediately doubled?, Divergent - Why do you earn money?, Divergent - What if recycling was required by law?, Divergent - What if all sharks disappeared?, Divergent - What if you had to share a car with your neighbor?, Divergent - What if there were no drive through restaurants?, Divergent - What if dinosaurs were alive today?, Divergent - What if all healthy food was green?, Divergent - How would life be different if you got your driver's license at 18?, Divergent - What do you think Texas would have done if they had won the battle of the Alamo?, Divergent - How would you teach ______ using a video game?, Memory - What are the primary colors?, Memory - What is X3 if X= 16?, Memory - What does HTML stand for?, Memory - Who is the main protagonist in The Taming of the Shrew?, Memory - Who wrote The Lottery?, Memory - How do you count quarter notes?, Memory - What are the 3 branches of the federal government?, Memory - What is the age requirement to be elected as a US representative?, Memory - How many amendments does the US Constitution have?, Memory - What does cybersecurity mean?, Memory - An object has a mass of 17.91 kg and an acceleration of 11.00 m/s/s. What is the force on the object?, Memory - Balance this equation for photosynthesis: 6 CO2 + 6 H2O →, Convergent - On reflecting over the entirety of the play Hamlet, what were the main reasons why Ophelia went mad?,



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