1) My sister ____________ TV in the afternoon a) watch b) watches c) is d) watchs 2) She's a _____________. She works in a restaurant. a) doctor b) policewoman c) waitress d) factory worker 3) A: What time do you get up? B: I get up ____ quarter to seven. a) at b) in c) on d) to 4) A: ____________________ B: I'm a student. a) What do you do? b) What does she do? c) What does he do? d) Where do you work? 5) A: ________ do you have breakfast with? B: I have breakfast with my boyfriend. a) When b) Where c) What d) Who 6) Marina __________ at work. a) has usually a sandwich b) has a sandwich usually c) usually has a sandwich d) usually have a sandwich 7) My brother is ____________. He's a teacher but he doesn't have a job. a) retired b) teacher c) factory worker d) unemployed 8) After I go home, I __________________ in the evening. a) have dinner b) have lunch c) have breakfast d) watch 9) They ___________ meat. They're vegeterian. a) eat b) don't eat c) eats d) doesn't eat 10) After breakfast, Felipe ________ his teeth, and he ___________ housework. a) brushes / goes b) works / makes c) brush / do d) brushes / does

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