brave - who is not afraid of sth, creative - who is good at thinking of new ideas or using imagination to make new and unusual things, friendly - who is kind and pleasant with someone, hard-working - who does the job/work very well, honest - who tells the truth, doesn't lie, lazy - who does not like working, mean - unkind and unpleasant + does not like spending money, moody - often unfriendly because they feel angry or unhappy, have moods that change quickly and often, patient - who can wait for a long time without becoming angry, polite - who has or shows good manners and respect for the feelings of others, rude - who behaves in a way that is not polite and upsets people, selfish - who cares (thinks) only about yourself and not other people, sensible - who is practical, makes good judgements (хорошо рассуждает),

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