When I ____ young, music ____ very important in our house. Then, when I was four, I ____ playing violin. In my first lesson, I was so happy, I ____ stop crying. My dad, Gio, ____ always busy. He was hard-working. His parents ____ poor, so he ____ to give me and my sister everything. I like hard work too, and I ____ what I want - if someone ____ to me "You ____ do that", I ____ "Oh yes I ____!" That´s ver like my dad. But my dad´s businessman, and I´m an artist. Money ____ very important to him, but for me, success isn´t the same as earning lots of money. He ____ the music I ____, but he ____ like classical music very much. I ____ him about music, and he ____ me about business.

Heardway Student´s Elementary Book. Nicola Benedetti "A passion for music".

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