1) How's the weather today? 2) Say three things you can do in winter. 3) What are you doing now? 4) What do you usually have for breakfast? 5) Say three things you can't do in a funeral. 6) What did you do yesterday? Mention five activities. 7) Say three things you can do at Christmas. 8) Describe your best friend (name, age, nationality, physical characteristics). 9) What are students doing in the library at DUOC? Say three things 10) When is your birthday? 11) What does your mother usually have for lunch? 12) Describe the classroom. Use there is / there are. 13) What can you bring to a barbecue? 14) What do you do in the evening? Talk about activities, dinner, and bedtime. 15) What time is it? 16) What's in your bag? Mention five elements. Use there is /are 17) Describe this room 18) What time do you get up? 19) What do you do in the morning? Talk about activities, breakfast, and time. 20) Talk about your family. Say their names, age, and their jobs. 21) What's your email address? 22) What are you going to do tomorrow? Mention four activities. 23) What are you going to do on your next vacations? Tak about the place, the activities, etc. 24) What did you do last weekend? Mention five activities. 25) When is Christmas day? 26) Say five things you do on a typical day. 27) What do you think of Daddy Yankee? 28) What do you think of Karol G? 29) What do you think of Wisin and Yandel? 30) You are in Starbucks. You are the customer, order a coffee and a chocolate muffin, and ask about the price. 31) Describe your ideal car. 32) Where are you going to go next weekend? 33) Where were you yesterday at 9 pm? 34) Where was your friend last Thursday at 1:00 pm? 35) Did you watch TV last night? If yes, what programs did you watch? 36) Did you have fish for lunch yesterday? If not, what did you have?

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