1) Where is Katy Perry from? 2) What nationality are you? 3) Are you from Talca? 4) What's your address? 5) Talk about your family. 6) How old is your best friend? 7) What do you do? 8) Describe your ideal car. 9) Where does your mother work? 10) What do you have for breakfast? 11) Where do you usually have lunch? 12) Where does a policeman work? 13) How old are you? 14) What do you usually have for breakfast? 15) What time do you usually get up? 16) What's your phone number? 17) What's your email address? 18) How do you spell your last name? 19) What's in your bag? Mention five things. 20) What do you do in the morning? 21) Do you listen to pop music? 22) What do you do in the afternoon? 23) Does your mother watch TV in the evening? 24) Say these numbers: 11, 27, 54, 76, 100 25) What do you do in the evening? 26) How much is it? 27) How much is it? 28) How much is it? 29) How much is it? 30) What's your phone number?

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