1) New York is ... London. a) modern b) more modern c) more modern than 2) Paraná is ... Mar del Plata. a) bigger b) smaller c) smaller than 3) Big cities are usually ... small cities. a) dirtier than b) dirtyer than c) dirty 4) The Everest is ... mountain in the world. a) the higher b) the highest c) the most high 5) Spanish people are ... than French people. a) the most friendly b) friendlier c) more friendly 6) Tokyo is much ... than Rome. a) noisy b) more noisy c) noisier 7) Barcelona is ... Madrid. a) more interesting than b) the most interesting c) interesting than 8) Traffic in Mexico is a lot ... than in Buenos Aires. a) bad b) badder c) worse 9) Undoubtedly this city looks ... than my city. a) uglier b) ugly c) uglyer 10) This town is ... than my town. a) more dangerous b) dangerous c) the most dangerous 11) The USA is ... England. a) bigger b) biggest c) bigger than 12) The blobfish is one of ... animals in the world. a) the ugliest b) ugliest c) the most ugly 13) This parrot is ... bird in the jungle. a) more colourful b) the most colourful c) most colourful 14) Swimming is considered one of ... sports. a) the healthiest b) the healthy c) healthier 15) My house is ... from school than yours. a) far b) the furthest c) further 16) ... weather to visit Canada is the wintertime. It's extremely cold! a) The bad b) The worse c) The worst 17) Jasper National Park in Canada is ... place to visit. a) the good b) the best c) the better 18) This is definitely the ... film in the world!! a) most boring b) boring c) more boring 19) In my opinion, Amsterdam is ... city in Europe. a) pretty b) prettier than c) the prettiest 20) Eagles are ... sparrows. a) fast b) faster than c) the fastest

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