1) Let's open a ________ of tuna! a) can b) bottle c) slice 2) My grandparents ________ born in Spain. a) was b) were c) did 3) Billy ________ to the museum yesterday. a) went b) go c) goes 4) A: What ________ yesterday? B: I ________ all day! a) you did / study b) did you / am studying c) did you do / studied 5) ________ there many people at the party last Friday? a) Were b) Are c) Was 6) A: How ________ your trip? B: ________ ! It rained every single day! a) did / It was fun b) was / Terrible c) is / Not bad 7) A: Did you like the movie? B: Yes, I ________ . a) liked b) did c) was 8) A: Are there a lot of people waiting for me? B: No, not ________ , just four or five. a) many b) much c) any 9) A: What do we need to prepare the tomato sauce? B: We have ________ onions, but we don't have ________ tomatoes. a) an / much b) some / any c) lot of / a 10) A: Where's Tom? Is he at the club swimming pool? B: No, he ________ goes to the club nowadays, just once a month. a) always b) often c) rarely 11) We love ________ long walks in the park and sometimes we go ________ . a) take / run b) taking / running c) took / ran 12) ________ are our tickets. a) Those b) That c) This

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