1) Did you _____ an email to your boss? a) wrote b) write c) do d) stayed 2) I didn't ____ at home yesterday. a) stayed b) went c) go d) stay 3) Mary ____ some friends that weekend. a) saw b) go c) went d) see 4) My husband didn't _____ to the gym yesterday.  a) went b) go c) do d) did 5) I ______ in bed all morning yesterday.  a) stay b) do c) go d) stayed 6) Marina _____ all of her homework yesterday.  a) do b) did c) make d) wrote 7) I didn't ____ shopping. a) went b) go c) do d) did 8) Mary didn't _______ that film at the weekend. a) saw b) go c) see d) went 9) At the weekend I usually _____ nothing. a) did b) stay c) do d) go 10) Did you ______ to your mom?  a) write b) wrote c) stay d) stayed

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