1) Which sentence is correct? a) She isn't enough old to use make-up b) She isn't old to use make-up enough. c) She isn't old enough to use make-up. d) She is enough old to use make-up. 2) _____ your father from BrazWhich sentence is correct?il? a) Her skin is enough healthy. b) Her skin is healthy enough. c) Her healthy is enough skin. d) Her healthy is skin enough. 3) The water is ..... cold to swim. a) enough b) too 4) Which sentence is correct? a) Tom's sweater is not big enough. b) Tom's sweater is enough big . c) Tom's sweater isn't enough big. 5) Where...? a) are my purse? b) is my glasses? c) are my glasses? 6) Which sentence is correct? a) Kevin's sweater isn't big too. b) Kevin's sweater is too big. 7) She is .... young to go to discos. a) too b) enough 8) He's .... young to vote, but old .... to go to war. a) enough / enough b) too / enough c) enough / too d) too / too 9) Everyone got great marks in the exam. It wasn't difficult..... . a) too b) enough 10) The boys ........ football tomorrow. a) are playing b) played c) play 11) Sally ..... to Europe this afternoon. a) travelled b) is travelling c) travelling 12) I .... the train to the airport at five on Monday afternoon. a) take b) am taking c) taking 13) When ...... he arriving? a) is b) does c) are 14) They..... to the dentist tomorrow afternoon. a) is going b) are going c) going 15) Tom ..... Lara later. a) is meeting b) met c) meet 16) What food do you like? a) I like fast food. b) I'd like a steak, please. 17) Would you like a dessert? a) Yes, I do. b) No, thank you. 18) .... your mom .... curry? No, she doesn't. a) Does / like b) Do / like c) Would / like 19) What .... you ... for dinner? Meat or fish. a) do / like b) would / you c) are / like 20) Where ... she .... to go this afternoon? To the park. a) does / like b) would / like c) do / like

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