Correcto: I am a teacher., He is a doctor., You are doing sport., We are playing., She is my best friend., My school is big. , You are my cousin., Tom is good at Math., Joe and Max are here., It is my car., Her dad is nice., Today is hot., I'm not 25 years old., She isn't Mary., They aren't friends., It isn't new., We aren't in Buga., They aren't cousins., He isn't from Cali., You aren't at home., Incorrecto: She are my sister., He am happy., They is playing football., I are a farmer., You is listening to music., The park are big. , We am vets., Mary are sad. , Louis and Rose is watching TV., It are my book., Her mom aren't here., Tomorrow aren't Monday., Mom and dad isn't here., Mary aren't my sister., They is a good friend., The car are red., We no are in Buga., They are no cousins., He is no from Cali., You is at home.,



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