1) What time is it? 2) Do you have a collection? 3) How much is a can of soda? 4) What are your favorite TV programs? ] 5) Who’s your favorite cartoon character?  6) What's your favorite dessert? 7) Go ______ for three blocks and then ______ left. 8) How much is twelve times four? 9) When do you have math? 10) Do you like comedies?  11) "It's one dollar and fifty cents." 12) "It's ten thirty p.m." 13) "Yes, I do. I have a soda can collection." 14) "They're under the sleeping bag." 15) "My favorite subject is _____." 16) "Go straight and turn right. It's on your left." 17) Is there a mall near here?  18) What's your favorite TV channel?  19) On the farm we ______ the cows.  20) Sometimes I help my grandfather ________ the horses. 



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