NURSE - S/he works in a hospital, but s/he isn't a doctor., POLICEWOMAN - She works in the streets and fights crime., ARCHITECT - This person designs and plans buildings., DENTIST - This person looks after people's teeth., WAITER - A man who brings food and drink to your table in a restaurant, LAWYER - A person who has studied the law and who helps.people or talks for them in a court of law, RECEPTIONIST - A person in a hotel, an office, etc. who answers the telephone and helps people when they arrive., SOLDIER - A person in an army., JOURNALIST - A person who collects and reports news for newspapers, television, etc., BUILDER - A person who makes buildings., MUSICIAN - A person who plays a musical instrument or writes music., HAIRDRESSER - A person who washes, cuts and arranges people’s hair, DOCTOR - A person who makes sick people well again., ACTOR - A man or woman who acts in plays, films or television programmes., FACTORY WORKER - A person who works in a factory., CLEANER - A person who cleans people’s houses or other buildings., PILOT - A person who flies a plane., VET - A doctor for animals.,

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