have a word with - Tell your aunt that I would like to ________ her, take a break - I'm going to________ from the apps for a bit., make a plan - Instead of complaining about your current situation, _________., take offence at - "Don't ________ him, Emerson, he didn't want to hurt your feelings., give a call - You just need to ___________on 911., tell the truth - It cost her a lot to _________, now she hasn't got any secrets. , make an excuse - I don't want to __________ for myself. I don't know why he took an offense at that silly joke., tell a lie - Emmy, you know it's always better to be honest than to __________., ask you out - It took me six months to get the courage to ________. It was love at first sight., keep a secret - Men think that women can't _________.,




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