Your main character has a secret. What is it? Why is it important?, Your main character has to do something he/she doesn’t want to. What is it? Why doesn’t he/she want to do it?, Someone else has a message to give to your main character – what happens when he/she hears it?, Someone has an accident. Who? What causes it?, Your character has to have his/her suit cleaned in a hurry. Why?, Your character has a problem. What is it?, Somebody has a dream. Who? What does he/she dream of?, Something terrible has happened. What? Why is it a problem?, Two old friends have a chat. What do they talk about?, Your main character has a chance to solve his/her problem, but he/she chooses not to. Why not?, Somebody has a word with your main character that changes everything. Who? What does he/she say?, Somebody has to travel far away. Where to? Why?, A character has a choice to make. What is it?, An old woman has a feeling something is wrong. Who is she? What does she do?, Someone has to tell your main character something important but can’t. Why not? What is it?, Your main character has a mysterious meeting. Who with? Where?, Your main character has a friend who helps. Who is the friend? How does he/she help?, Someone has a brilliant idea. What is it?, Your main character has a job to do, but he/she doesn’t have time to do it., Your main character has a bit of good luck..



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