1) What was the old name for New York? a) New Copenhagen b) New Rotterdam c) New Amsterdam 2) Where were the 2010 Winter Olympics? a) Austria b) Canada c) Japan 3) How old was Marilyn Monroe when she died? a) 28 b) 36 c) 42 4) When were the attacks on the Twin Towers on 11/09? a) 2001 b) 2000 c) 2004 5) Who were Apollo, Zeus and Pluto? a) Egyptian gods b) Roman gods c) Greek gods 6) Where were the Incas from? a) Peru b) Venezuela c) Argentina 7) What country was the first to use paper money? a) Japan b) China c) the USA 8) What was the name of Michael Jackson's house? a) Graceland b) Neverland c) Chapel 9) What nationality were the writers Oscar Wild and James Joyce? a) Irish b) Scottish c) English 10) Which was the first country to win the Football World Cup? a) Brazil b) England c) Uruguay

7A History Quiz - Past Simple Verb TO BE

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