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What do you do every day?  What are you doing now?, How often do you meet your friends? What do you do together?, What does your mother/father do every day? Why?, What do you and your family do on weekends?, What do you often have for lunch?  And for dinner? And for breakfast?, How often do you chat online with your friends ? What do you usually talk about? , What do you always do with your friends? , What are you doing at home these days?, How often do you go to the cinema? What kind of movie do you like?, How often do you cook? What do you usually cook?, How often do you read books? Are you reading a book now?, How often do you play sports? Do you like to do sports? Why/Why not?, What do think your best friend is doing now? , Does your teacher look happy today? What is he doing at the moment?, Where do you want to go on your vacation?, What are you wearing? Where do you usually buy clothes?, Who is looking for a job at the moment?, What does your mother always tell you to do?.

Present Simple and Present Continuous



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