What do you do (for a living)?, How much do you use your office phone ?, What do you think about your line manager/ CEO/ President?, What do you usually talk about with your coworkers?, How much overtime do you do?, How many emails do you send/receive each day?, What does your company do?, How much do you usually spend on transport?, Do you often complain about your job?, Where is the company based?, How many people does the company employ?, What type of distribution services do you provide?, What sort of internet presence do you have?,  Where are your products manufactured?, What are your responsibilities?, What sort of problems do you deal with on a day-to-do basis? , Do you like what you do? What would you change?, What sort of problems do you deal with on a day-to-do basis?, What parts of customer service does your company focus on?, Which department do you work in?, What line of business are you in?.


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