You look worried. What's up? - I guess I'm nervous because we have a test tomorrow., I'll take these two gold bracelets. Can I exchange them for the silver ones if my wife doesn't like them? - Sure, as long as you keep the tags on them. But I'm sure she'll like the gold ones., I'll have the steak with roasted vegetables today. - How would you like your steak cooked, sir - rare, medium, or well-done?, Today's weather report: hot and windy with temperatures up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. - Wow, it's going to be much hotter than yesterday. I'm going for a swim after class., Anything to drink? - Yes, I'll have an orange juice with ice., How much does it cost? - 35 dollars, plus tax., Would you like to try them on? - Oh, no thanks. I'm just looking around for now., How will you be paying for this? - Cash., If I were you, I'd do what your wife asked without worrying about it too much. It's just a trip. - I don't know. I'll have to be way from the kids for such a long time.,

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